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All the information you require is readily available in today’s online environment. You can find almost anything by typing a few words into Google.

Easy Learn Methods, which is an online-based platform to share the most unique, creative knowledge, free resources, guides, and How To’s for Excel & PowerPoint advanced tricks (We are guessing you found this site through an online search).

However, that’s why we’re glad we found you. We want to take you from a beginner/intermediate Excel or PowerPoint user to an advanced user. We aim to clarify some of those advanced features and show you that it’s not so hard after all. If that sounds OK to you, then you’re in the right place.

What is Microsoft Office, and what can we do with it?

Microsoft Office (MS Office) is a universal program for many people working in offices, as well as doing business and financial calculations. Users can work with texts, spreadsheets, databases, drawings, presentations, technical and business diagrams, and other documents. Applications are developed by Microsoft Corporation for use in Windows, Windows Phone, Android, macOS, iOS operating systems.

  • The best-known program is probably Word. It is no coincidence that it is the most used program in the world. It is a multifunctional tool for preparing and formatting text documents. 

    In fact, it gives the possibility to create numbered lists, to add page numbers, notes, page headings, comments: all useful tools for business letters or for school theses. In addition, the present automatic checker with many languages ​​available helps to check the spelling.
  • Excel is one of the most successful software. Tens of millions of people use it in their work and daily life. Excel is useful for those who have to make calculations. It allows you to manage multiple spreadsheets and to create graphical representations and process data. Each spreadsheet appears as a table made up of thousands of cells into which numbers, texts, or formulas can be entered.

    Each box is identified by a letter (which represents the column) and a number (which instead represents the row). Automatically performs calculations according to the formulas that are entered, preceded by the = symbol. They can also be repeated by ‘dragging’.

    The data entered can easily be transformed into different types of graphs. There is no lack of aesthetic details to transform the sheet into something pleasant as well as useful and functional.

    The entered data can easily be transformed into different types of graphs. It also allows you to store information, sort, filter, present, and calculate. People use Excel to create shopping lists, budget income, purchase sales reports, income statements, and graphs. A huge number of users cannot know how to use it properly.
  • PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software worldwide. It offers many actions and features that make it easy to create professional and impressive presentations. Using PowerPoint software you can create a template, inserting text into slides, add and edit images, videos for presentation, create charts and tables in slides.
  • Access is ideal for anyone who wants to create and then manage a database. It stores a large series of data in various formats, which are managed in a series of tables, which can be linked together. In some packages, there is also Office XML Handler, which opens and edits XML files.
  • OneNote acts as a digital notebook. Its great advantage, which makes it very convenient, is that it allows you to accept documents written in any web syntax, thus saving time and simplifying the work of those who have to write down information.
    It collects data that is copied by the user from the Internet or other programs and gives the possibility to integrate them with others written by the person who is using it. Thanks to integrated handwriting recognition, it gives the possibility to convert handwritten notes into editable text.
  • Publisher is instead very useful for creating graphic products, we think of flyers, menus, business cards, greeting cards, flyers, even calendars. It is very versatile and allows the easy insertion of images and the addition of graphic effects to be used on a large number of layouts.
    If you are interested in getting to know Excel and PowerPoint better, this blog (Easy Learn Methods) will help you understand the many possibilities of working with spreadsheets and slides. Since Excel & PowerPoint are the main focusing points on our blog. Over time, we will be shared articles on Microsoft Word, Access, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher.

Here are very powerful techniques, tips, and tricks to see Excel and PowerPoint from a new perspective. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user, this blog will help ease the burden with practices and features that you never knew before.

Objectives of Easy Learn Methods

We believe that if you have something to learn, it is very important to provide the best strategies and techniques to our readers.

All of those would make a difference in your working area or personal life, right? That is the goal of Easy Learn Methods is to create a resource that might actually make a difference to you.

Better use of Excel and PowerPoint might not change the world, but it might change yours.

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