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  • how to split a cell in half in excel

    How to split a cell in half in Excel

    When you work with Excel data, there may be times when you need to split ‍a single cell in Excel. Excel allows you to split a cell in half both diagonally and horizontally, ‍also…

  • excel database function

    Excel database functions: What are the benefits

    Okay, Here we are going to describe Excel database functions. They are probably not one of the most popular Excel functions, but they are quite beneficial and exciting. Database functions are not instantly discoverable…

  • Graph of Pareto chart in Excel

    Pareto chart in Excel: how to create it

    How to create a Pareto chart in Excel? Do you want to know the major causes on which you should devote your efforts? Here is the reason why you should read this article. In this…

  • build a database in excel

    5 Steps to build a database in Excel

    Most of the time, you are probably using Microsoft Excel for works such as making reports, forecasting, and planning. It is possible to build a database in Excel. To build a database in Excel-…

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